Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What would Glamorous-Film-Star-Me look like?

We've all heard it said that we feel better when we *look* our best. I've been trying something new for the last 5 days or so that makes me believe that what they say is true. I was inspired to try on a new attitude by something I read in a blog post, and the results so far are so positive that I wanted to share.

I have been guilty many, many times of sleeping just as late as possible, throwing on some clothes-- whatever is clean and not *too* wrinkly, brushing teeth and hair and running out the door for work, or for whatever I am doing that day. I'm not smelly and dirty, but I'm sure not turning any heads.
I have been experimenting with a whole new way of thinking. Whatever my activity for the day is, be it going to work, going shopping, staying home and cleaning house, going to a function at the kids' school, I ask myself one question. What would Movie Star Me look like when doing this? What would she wear? How would she carry herself? What would her hair and makeup look like? Would Audrey Hepburn run off to work half-asleep with wrinkly slacks, no makeup, no jewelry, and frizzy hair? She wouldn't dream of it. Would Film Star Me be cooking dinner for the family in paint-splattered sweatpants 2 sizes too big and a holey t-shirt? Nope, she's way too classy for that.

Since I have been masquerading as Film Star Me, my mood is better and my confidence is better. And this is the amazing part: Even though I am getting up on time instead of sleeping in until last minute, I have more energy. I am coming home from work and getting things done instead of napping in my chair. I am eating better, more healthy. (Would FSM really gobble up a whole bag of potato chips?!) The whole thing is quite refreshing.

I've been doing the same for my 11 year old daughter, Sid. Instead of doing the minimum to get her off to school, I've been fixing her hair in fun and funky ways, making sure she has fun matching jewelry and hair accessories to wear with her school uniform, helping her to look her best. I really feel that it is affecting her in a positive way, too. How can you feel bad when you look like a million dollars?

Only time will tell if I keep up this new outlook or if I will go back to doing the bare minimum necessary in order to be clothed and presentable. I hope I do keep at it, though.

It's almost my bedtime as I write this. Some new sleepwear is in order... Film Star Me feels a bit grungy in an oversized men's t-shirt.


  1. Wow, this is great! Sounds like something I need to try! Good luck keeping it up! :)

  2. Great idea, need to dump the frump, thanks for the positive post!

  3. Heh, this post is coming around the time I've been schlumping it for a while and have been contemplating the need for a haircut. Perhaps it is time to discover the inner Papparazzi bait.

  4. Thanks, ladies! I'm having a lot of fun with it, and people are noticing. As a side benefit, those of us that sell wearable products and wear them in public will probably draw more attention to the items just by looking finished and well put-together.

    Vagabond--I think a new haircut is the perfect way to make a fresh start! Pictures mandatory.

  5. That is a great idea. I get up early but I still don't think much about what I am going to wear since I work out of my house. My husband would appreciate not seeing me look like a slob everyday. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. So weird you'd post this at the same time I've decided to dress up more for my bellydance practice. Sweats/leggings and T-shirt/sportsbra are OUT. Long skirt/hip belt/cropped top are IN. And weirdly, I think I'm more toned!

  7. ^ You GO girl! It really does affect your whole mood and outlook, doesn't it?