Monday, March 28, 2011

Twitter: Are you doing it wrong?

Twitter. We've all heard of it. Many of us have tried it. Many of us are doing it wrong.

Eager to promote my new shop, I set up a Twitter account. I'd read that I should tweet my listings on a regular basis, so I started tweeting like a madman. I looked at forum posts in crafting communities, and happily followed every Twitter account listed. (Oooh, more people to see my listings!) At first, I was excited because I appeared to be getting views. Until I

realized that the 15 views in 10 seconds were indeed bots.

It did not take long before I became very discouraged with Twitter. Everyone I was following was doing the same obnoxious thing that I was doing! It was like deliberately logging on to a spam-a-thon! My news feed filled up rapidly with everybody's new listings, everybody's friends' new listings, website after website trying to sell me things. Like a crowded room with everyone in it shouting "Buy my carp!" This was not a place I wanted to be. In fact, I wanted to
run from it, screaming.

Then, of all things, I read an Etsy newsletter. There was a link to a really wonderful forum post by Chrisof Copper Leaf Studios. I read the post and it was as if I'd seen the light.

She suggested that we use Twitter in a social way, to make friends and have conversations. No spamming. Nobody likes spam. So I re-visited my Twitter account and removed all of the well-meaning but spammy accounts that I was following. Then I set to making my own tweets right. I posted about my cat, I posted interesting articles. I posted funny things. I added people that were not crafters, as well as some crafters who kept link-posting to a minimum and also posted interesting things from their own lives. I added other moms. I replied to posts about cool recipes.. Occasionally I do post about my work, but not repeatedly all day and not in a spammy way. Anybody who gets to know me can easily check out my website, and they probably will, if they think I am interesting. They will want to know "What is HonkusGrogana?" I'm meeting new and interesting people and sometimes, checking out their websites. And best of all, I am enjoying my Twitter account.

Check out Chris' post about Tweeting HERE.
You'll be glad that you did. I've just barely touched on what she says, and she says it much better than I. I hope you will be inspired by her post, as I was.

And if you want to give her method a try, I'd sure love to have a new Twitter friend. ME


  1. just last night on my way home from work i pondered whether i should join with twitter or not... it makes sense to make social connections rather than sell sell sell.... if i join i will have to control that instant gratification monster and post with intent on networking :) thanks for this!!

  2. It's a lot more fun that way. Plus you don't piss people off LOL! I do occasionally mention my work in passing, like "spent the evening making a new pendant" or "need to be making jewelry but there is a cat on my lap." Then if people want to look into it further they can ask, or google.

  3. That's really great. Twitter is pretty good for socializing and connecting. Don't use it to tell anyone how your lunch was, rather if you are a jewelry maker, post about your jewelry and about other jewelres and the process of jewelry making.

    Great blog post! Lovely spring day!!

    If you ever need a guest post/interview or feature, let me know as I would love to have my new, online ceramic jewelry store, have exposure!