Monday, January 28, 2013

Wrap Snap and Go Hair Rollers

I admit it. I see infomercials for As Seen on TV products, and I am mesmerized. Mouth agape, eyes round and glassy, I must have this amazing product. Sometimes I am impressed, sometimes sorely disappointed.

This time, I did not even have the opportunity to be entranced by the infomercial. I spotted the rollers on my weekend thrift store adventure. They appeared to be brand new and unused, and at 99 cents, the price was right. My daughter is always looking for some good curl for her straight hair, so I thought these might be worth a try.

Our first attempt was a total flop. After her shower, she towel-dried her hair and I rolled it up. After a night of sleep, I unrolled the hair. It was still wet, and not curly. Not at all. Boo. Ever hopeful, we tried it again last night, this time after blow drying her hair until it was just barely damp. This morning, we were delighted to see lots and lots of springy curls!

I imagine that any rollers would do the trick, but there are several things that I do really like about these. 1)They are comfortable to sleep in because there are no hard plastic parts. 2)Since there is nothing on top of the hair holding it onto the roller, there is no ridge in the hair from where the rod or clamp would have been. I give the Wrap and Snap Rollers an A+!

I've never bought something directly from the As Seen on TV website, but I have heard of people doing this with terrible consequences, from credit card issues to spam email and constant phone calls. If you don't happen to be as lucky as I was and find these babies at a thrift store or yard sale, you can purchase them at Walgreen's without the unfortunate side effects of dealing with a company that doesn't always have the best reviews.

Have any of you tried these? What other hair-curling methods have you found that really do the trick? I'd love to hear your comments.