Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New (to me) Nightie, Thrift Store Style

Since my post a few weeks ago where I vowed to shake off the frumpies and glam it up a bit in my every day life, I've had my eye out for a decent nightie.

For many years, my typical sleepwear has been a big, old, faded, raggedy, and sometimes even holey tee-shirt. (sexy, huh?) It is the polar opposite of what Movie Star Me would wear.

I've got a few super-slinky things that I might wear to bed now and again, when the children are not home. Those are fun, and hubby enjoys them, but they aren't so conducive to an evening at home with the family, or running around making breakfast and getting kids ready for school.

I was looking for something comfortable, cute, and fun. Maybe a cute cut, long enough and thick enough to cover myself should I choose to run to the mailbox, and short enough that I'm not drowning in it at night. I didn't want a cutesy cartoon character on it, and no loud, bright prints.

I found just what I was looking for at the Last Chance Thrift Store. It's pale blue with blue-gray polka dots. (Polka dots are fun!) It hangs mid-calf, and has a slightly gathered seam at the bust where the long part attaches to the top. The fabric is a light terry cloth. Some of my sewing friends could no doubt describe the cut more clearly and accurately than I just did, but hey, I'm no seamstress. I'm just happy to have found something to wear to bed!

Oh-- Hubby is not impressed. He says it looks like a hospital gown in the picture (which he was kind enough to take for me) and a "granny gown"  in person.  Maybe I will keep looking, but for now, I'm loving this one and it stays. Surely it's an improvement over the holey tee-shirts!


  1. lol I say if its comfortable for you, go for it!! I'm partial to pajama bottoms and an oversized tee myself.... Funny thing I almost thought you were wearing fancy dangling earrings with your nightgown.. and then I realized its the clock. silly me!! :D

  2. The fancy earrings for sleeping would certainly be taking things to a whole new level! Haaa! Next thing you know, I'd be bathing in a chic bikini!

  3. Okay, guys... I've come to the realization that I totally missed the mark on the "cute" part of this! My mom came over this evening while I was wearing it, and the first thing out of her mouth was, "What's up with this?! It looks like a hospital gown!" LOL Y'all should've told me!