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My name is Holly and I love making jewelry! I started making wire name pendants when I was 15 years old, working for a wonderful couple that leased a shop at Six Flags over Georgia. I did this for several summers, and it was something I really enjoyed. After that, I made pendants for family and friends, but had never considered selling my pretties.

I have a regular daytime job as a legal secretary at a small law firm, and my husband, Jaaxx, and I have an online store called JuicyLiquid where we sell the liquid that goes into electronic cigarettes. Fortunately for me, both of these jobs can be quite fulfilling. I work with wonderful people at the law firm, and I get a good feeling when I can offer help or even just a smile and a kind word to people who are down and out. I am sometimes moved to tears when someone who purchases e-liquid from us writes to say that they haven't smoked a tobacco cigarette in a year, or their grandmother quit after smoking for 40 years. But for the most part, Jaax runs JuicyLiquid. Certainly I help, but he does the bulk of the work. And as much as I don't like to think about it, my boss at the law firm won't be around forever.

One day I posted pictures of some of my jewelry on my Facebook page, and my friends really liked my stuff! I was getting tons of messages from friends there, asking if I could make them a ring like that, could I make a pendant with their daughter's name on it, could I make this one in blue? I couldn't believe it. But yes, I could do these things, and I did. That is when I decided that I'd like to take a shot at opening up a small online shop, doing a bit of consignment, and attending some craft fairs.

I'd like to share my journey here, as it happens. The excitement, the disappointment, the things that work for me, and the things that didn't turn out so hot. I also would like to share about the actual making of jewelry, and other artists who touch or inspire me. I'd also like to share other things, at times, that make me smile or laugh. I want to meet lots of fun people.

At this point, I am unsure of how my story will go. It is my hope that it will be a long and successful story of how a 30-something artist, wife and mother of two, came to be making beautiful jewelry and selling lots of it.

Thank you for visiting here! I hope you will come back and share in my journey. I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, and experiences.
My online store, Honkus Grogana, can be found HERE.

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