Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Surprise Swan

The swan first. This was such a pleasant surprise! A gentleman contacted me about my cherry ring. He wanted to know if I could make it a bit more substantial in size for a man's hand. I told him that I would be glad to do that. He also mentioned that he loved fleur de lis jewelery, and asked if I could make a fleur de lis ring.

So I bent and twisted, but what happened was not at all a fleur de lis! Instead, I ended up with a graceful swan! I just love it, nobody else has it, and it was such a complete accident!

Now to come up with a fleur de lis...

                          Click the picture to go to the swan in my Artfire shop


  1. It's an accident and it's beautiful and now it's a new item!

  2. Beautiful, you have to love accidents like that

  3. Thanks, guys! You've made me smile!I think I'd like to make an angel fish now. Maybe I will end up with a fleur de lis! :-)