Monday, January 24, 2011

My first "craft show" = fail? Not at all!

My very first attempt at selling my jewelry was at an elementary school's fall festival. A friend of mine had posted on her facebook page that her daughter's school was looking for artists to have tables at their fall festival. Booth fee was only $20, and she said there is normally a very large turnout.

Terrified to do it on my own, my friend Carolyn and I split the booth fee and shared a table. She was selling beaded jewelry and I was selling wire name pendants. I thought it would be a good venue for the name pendants, as young girls do seem to like them. I think I sold 3, and Carolyn sold one item, a watch, which she discounted drastically from the price that the she would normally have asked.

A few things were going on here.
  • The crowd did not come prepared to spend large amounts of money. They need items at a low price point.
  •  The festival had been rescheduled from a previous date, and was now held on the same day and time as a big-deal college football game
So, while the amount of money I made at the festival barely covered my half of the rental fee and my lunch afterward at Taco Bell, the experience taught me something, and I am grateful for it. Next time I do a school fall festival, I will be sure to bring lots of eye-catching but inexpensive things that Mom & Dad will not say "no" to.

I'd be remiss if I did not mention that it was a beautiful day, which I got to spend outside talking with lots of nice people, hanging with Carolyn, and getting some exposure for my craft. I also learned that my daughter, Sid, is an outgoing little sales girl, bringing over girls, two at a time, "Do you like my necklace? Come see, my mom can make one for you, too!"

Fail? Nope! I had a great time and learned something, too! Win!