Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Google Voice

I've just started using Google Voice, and so far I am really liking it. Here is my quick 'n dirty overview:
  • You get to pick from a list of phone numbers
  • You can use your existing cell phone number
  • Very easy to set everything up from the Google Voice website
  • Your one number can be used with multiple phones-- so theoretically this could be your phone number forever and ever regardless of how many times you get a new phone or new carrier
  • You can call and text from the site or from your phone
  • You can set up groups that get unique greetings
  • Excellent call screening that can be turned off or on, or can be customized depending on what "group" the person calling is in
  • You can add a call widget to your website, so that when people click it, google voice will call you and then call the person. They never see your number. 
I am one of the last people in the world without a cell phone (well, in a first world country, anyway), so the most awesome thing for me is that I can text from the website. People are always saying, "text me" and I have to go into the whole "I don't have a cell phone" thing. Now I can send and receive texts. Yay! Also, if I ever do get a cell phone, I can continue to use google voice, simply adding the new phone, and my phone number will not change. Win!

Good reading about Google Voice:

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