Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pinterest: I can't get enough!

I'd been hearing rumors for a while in the crafting community about a site called Pinterest where you have your own virtual "cork board" on which to "pin" up pictures of things you like or found interesting. I think I attempted to check it out once before, but was turned off by the fact that you have to request an invite and be put on a waiting list.

Last night, I bit the bullet and signed up for an invite. I immediately received an email informing me that I was on a waiting list, and BTW, you might want to explore a few "pinboards." Ho-o-leeee cow. I clicked on the link to pinboards, and it was all over for me for hours! And I'm not even a member yet!

DIY has it's own category. The place is a mecca of how-to's and tutorials. I was 100% mesmerized. At 2am, I made my own pore strips. I bookmarked pages to show me how to make cute Halloween costumes for the kids, how to make all-natural pesticides for the garden, how to make scratch-off tickets, how to make a skirt from a men's button-down shirt. My mind was racing with all the awesome things that I want to do, and OMG, as soon as possible!

Bottom line: Check out Pinterest. Just do it. It makes you manic.


  1. you use Google Chrome? Go to the Chrome Web Store and get an extension for it...then when we get 'on' we can easily pin things. Thanks for the heads up...I think! I see more projects in my future! :)

  2. Kitty-- Thank you so much for the invite! I clicked it and was immediately on Pinterest. I'd been on the waiting list, just waiting and waiting.

    I typically use firefox but can use chrome if it makes things much easier.

    Everyone, check out Kitty's pinboards: